Our Story

I like rock music, pin up styles, steampunk gadgets, tattoos, dark and sardonic comic books, nature and science. I don’t keep these interests in my head; I wear them and decorate my house in them. The trouble is, when homeware firms try to create decor for us strange folk who like rock music, they usually come up with a gothic candelabra that looks like the Munsters threw it away. Here’s a little secret that they don’t know…us alternative folk also have pretty normal lives.  Sometimes with kids and jobs and hell, even fluffy pets.  Some days we don’t even wear black nail polish or excessive eyeliner!  Crazy, right?

Finding things for our house that suited my taste and my family’s lifestyle was usually a hell of a lot of work, and after 15 years or so of people saying ‘where do you find this stuff?’ I thought that maybe I wasn’t the only person who couldn’t bear to decorate their home with bland-beige-highstreet tatt…but maybe I was one of the only people who could be bothered scouring the planet to source the stuff, or even going as far as to commission and make my own. So, I finally put on my big girl pants and my husband and I decided to start Home that Rocks, interiors with attitude for people like you, and your awesome taste.