Creative Ways of Using Paint and Wallpaper in your Home

From time to time, we tend to develop an itch that needs scratching: the decorating itch. We get fed up with looking at the same old room, with the same old colours and furniture, and yearn for something fresh and new! But rather than stick with the usual fresh paint or paper job, here are some ideas that can make your home far from boring.


Paint is a go to when it comes to decorating your home – it’s a quick and easy way of really transforming your home. Plus, if you realise you don’t like it, then it takes no time at all to change it. No wonder it is a popular method. But who says that you must paint all four walls the same? Who says you must paint the whole wall?! Paint is so versatile that it presents the perfect opportunity to release your inner artist:

COLOUR BLOCKING – This can be perfect to inject a touch of character into your room. Pick contrasting colours or different shades on top of white or similar neutral tones and have fun. This can also be ideal for adding character to a modern build home, which can lack some features seen in older properties. Paint vibrant archways or your own dado rails

STENCILS – If you had the idea that you wanted to wallpaper your walls, yet struggle to find a design to your liking – why not try a stencil?  Have a look online for stencil designs, or even make your own!

FOCAL POINT – Make an eye-catching display by painting large designs above your bed to create an elaborate headboard effect or contrasting colours and patterns above your fireplace or mantel – Nobody will be able to look away!

MURAL – Feel like releasing your inner Banksy or Leonardo Da Vinci? Why not have a go at painting a mural. Keep it simple and use masking tape to create geometric shapes and paint into different hues. Or, depending on your level of ambition, you could attempt ‘The Creation of Adam’.

CEILINGS – Who said that all ceilings must be white? How dull?! Recreate the night in your living room or bedroom with navy or black – you could even add some stars! How about red? Both daring and cosy.

FLOOR – Liven up floorboards with colour! Or paint your own pattern. Make sure to varnish the floor afterwards to protect your design. No need to stop at the floor – continue it up the wall too.

OMBRE – Use different shades and colours to create a relaxing ombre or watercolour effect. Use blues to give a feeling of being near the sea or oranges and yellows and for a sunrise or sunset glow.


Wallpaper can be a nightmare; some patterns from the past can be borderline traumatising. But, bold patterns have come back in fashion, and there is no denying that they can make a statement. Like paint, wallpaper does not need to be straight forward paste and slap on the wall along with saying a prayer that it will line up. There are plenty of fun and creative ways to experiment with wallpaper.

NATURE – If you love plants but maybe you’re not the best at keeping them alive, consider bringing the outdoors inside with a wallpaper pattern adorned with fabulous foliage. Nowadays there are an abundance of wallpapers with tropical plants, forest scenes, cactus, and various flowers.

FRAME IT – Ok, this may sound a bit odd, but there are so many beautiful patterns on the market, why not showcase them like works of art? Use samples and frame them. Pick different patterns or different colours of the same pattern and make a display.

MURALS (AGAIN) – If patterns are not your style, then then opt for a mural instead. Add mountain scenery, dense forest, the beach, geographic locations or even some contemporary art to your home – maybe a Michelangelo….

THE BATHROOM – when you talk about wallpaper, the bathroom is not the first room that springs to mind – but why not? However, make sure that your paper is not a splash zone.

USE SMALLER SPACES – wallpaper can make a big statement, even in a small space. Add a striking design in the space behind open shelves, in archways and alcoves, and in bookshelves.

USE YOUR ILLUSION – Always wanted to have a home library or have a stone wall, but not able to have the real thing? Wallpaper to the rescue – there are designs available that can bring those ideas to light.

UPCYCLE – we are familiar with painting old furniture to give it a new lease of life, but wallpaper can be just as effective for transforming tired looking pieces. This is better with furniture that have straight lines rather than curves.