How to decorate a rented home

If you are a private renter, it’s likely that your landlord won’t allow you to make permanent changes to the property you are living in.  The fact that you are currently on a home interiors website probably means that you would like to put your mark on a property – so how do you strike the balance between getting your deposit back and adding your personality to the space?  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Big Rugs

Most rented properties are decorated in a neutral colour scheme – that was probably a big appeal when you were choosing it!  Somewhere that was inoffensive that your stuff would look good in.  Now you’re in it means looking at the same bland carpets, or laminate flooring in every room.  A rug is a great choice to banish the boring and inject a whole lot of colour and pattern in one go.

2. Stunning Lights

Light fixtures are designed to be temporary.  You don’t just need to stick with lampshades, you can throw up a chandelier or something equally striking and make a big feature out of the centre of your ceiling.  When it’s time to move, take it back down and put up the original again.

3. Clever Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper was hard to find and eye-wateringly expensive even a few years ago – now it’s so easy to find and is popular among homeowners and renters!  Put it up without any messy adhesive, and pull it off without damaging the walls when you are ready to move on.

4. Lots of Layers

Even if your rented property is already furnished, you can still liven it up and add some personality by adding layers everywhere you can.  Cushions, throws, plants, pictures (with removable hanging hooks), curtains, and knick-knacks will turn a rented pad into a cosy home.  Mix textures and colours to create that really comforting feel.

Have you transformed your rented home without risking your deposit?  Let us know how and tell us the tips we missed!