Are you one of those people that have amassed a collection of art prints or possess hundreds of photographs that are just sitting in a box or drawer – I am that person. Well, no more! It is time for these pictures to see daylight! But there is no need to stick to the norm when it comes to displaying art and photos in our homes – why not have fun with it? There are a variety of different methods and styles when it comes decorating your walls with your favourite pictures and memories.


Generally, when hanging any pictures in the wall we tend to favour any area that is eye-level; don’t be afraid use the whole wall – from top to bottom. For instance, pictures don’t always need to be hung above the dado rail. Rebel and hang them underneath the rail too.

 Frame a frame -well, door frame to be exact. Utilise the space around doorways creating an almost indoor gazebo look and a dramatic entrance.

If you have a large print or canvass, hanging them above a fireplace or mantel is ideal. This creates a fantastic focal point for your room, that will grab the attention of anyone who enters.

Be creative when it comes to hanging your frames. Hang them in shapes, e.g., diamond formation, zigzag pattern; or fill up the space with a grid formation. Do you have stairs? Hang your pictures where the incline with you as you walk up for a dramatic effect.

Who said that pictures need to be hung on the wall? How about sitting them on the floor? Ok, that does sound a bit out there, but if you have a large frame and bit of floor and wall space that looks a bit lonely, then sitting your picture on the floor could be an ideal solution. This works particularly well in a room that has slanted ceilings – like a loft space. Speaking of the floor level – when hanging pictures on the wall, use the whole space: floor to ceiling!  


The good ol’ picture frame, a display staple. Nowadays we can get picture frames of all different shapes, sizes and colours. Co-ordinate with the colour schemes of your rooms or be bold and clash!

How about throwing out the rulebook and shake things up a bit – scrap the frame altogether? Hanging clipboards on the wall can allow you change the images that you want to display, giving you more flexibility move your pictures around, or change them altogether! It’s different, that’s for sure. If hanging clipboards don’t sound like your thing, why not think about an easel? More commonly used for creating art, but can double up for display purposes and bring an added contemporary feel.


Bookshelves are not just for books! Fill up spaces in the shelves with frames or ornaments. You do not need to look for any gaps – why not sit smaller photos or art prints on top of the books themselves! Or put up a few shelves, solely for displaying your photos and prints; floating shelves are brilliant for this or keep an eye out for ‘picture ledges’. These shelves have a groove in them for the frame to sit in, keeping them in place.


 Feature walls are popular, and frequently executed with patterned wallpaper or painted in bold and contrasting colours– wall murals are now another option. Many murals are available in contemporary designs, patterns and images – but why not look to the classics? Now you can have Van Gogh’s starry night or Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam adorn a whole wall in your room for maximum impact – expensive art without the million odd pound price tag.