How to Light your Home

Right, that’s it, we can’t deny it any longer…Summer is over.  Autumn is here, and the days are getting darker.  We’re putting lights on earlier and earlier every day, which makes it a great time to look at the lights in our homes and figure out if they need an update.  Lighting has an amazing power to transform the energy and atmosphere of a space.  Stadium style overhead spotlights don’t feel romantic or cosy, the same way that a candlelit room doesn’t feel right for a productive work meeting.  So how do you choose the right lighting for your rooms?

This could be a really short article, as the answer is ‘it depends’!  From ceiling lights to table lamps, there is no tried and tested rule that will work for everyone, and definitely no rule that will work for every room.  Kitchens need bright lights so you can see what you’re cooking; wherever you get ready in the morning can benefit from ‘daylight’ style lighting so you look the same outside the house as you do inside; and you will sleep better if your bedroom has some calming, softer lights – but that’s about it when it comes to rules!  So let’s leave the function of the lights up to you, and look at how to make a statement with your lighting.

Firstly, don’t stop at a ceiling light.  The bland, unidirectional overhead light in a room doesn’t allow you to change the feeling and environment of a room.  Tip one is to install a dimmer switch if your light fitting allows for it to help prevent the ‘big light’ effect!

If you can’t install dimmer switches, consider lamp fittings with multiple bulbs that you can angle to suit your room.  Or choose a lamp shade that diffuses light, like rattan or woven shades, which will stop a single bulb from feeling so glaring.

You can also make sure you include table lamps or floor lamps in your rooms.  As well as allowing you to switch off from the glare of an overhead light, lamps let you create little areas of light around your room.  You can even move them around your room (or home!) to where you need them most at any time.  Wall lights are a great choice for kitchens and hallways where you need to make sure a big, sometimes awkward-shaped space is lit equally throughout.

Candles, fairy lights, daylight lamps – the options are endless when it comes to lighting your home, so do what suits you.  I have a string of skull-shaped battery-operated lights hanging in my kitchen and they make me happy – choose lighting that makes your house feel like your home, and that’s all that matters.