Why you should never be afraid of being yourself in your home

Our homes are our havens. Our safe spaces to retreat to when things are starting to feel like they are getting on top of us. Modern life can be chaotic and stressful; therefore, it is important to have a home that can help to wash your stress away and de-escalate any anxious feelings. A home where we can just be ourselves. That is why when it comes to decorating, we should think about our moods and how we want the room to make us feel.


It is common knowledge that colour can affect people’s moods: red is associated with love and on the flip side, anger – in other words, it is a very passionate colour. Blue and green tend to be associated with feelings of calmness; yellow for happiness and joy; whereas black is often thought of as the colour of death, but can invoke feelings of power, sexuality and drama. Adding colour to your home can transform it instantly, but before you start painting, think about what mood you want to set for your room. If you have a space that lacks natural light, vibrant and lighter shades of colour work well. Darker colours can create feelings of cosiness, and for the smaller spaces, warmer tones work particularly well.


Minimalism is ideal for smaller spaces. It can create a feeling of calm – but it can also appear as being very impersonal. Putting your items on display, rather than hiding them, can create a more inviting and cosier atmosphere.


Every room in your home has a different purpose, and that needs to be considered. Living rooms tend to be spaces for relaxing; kitchens are most often than not a social hub; and home offices tend not to help with productiveness if they make you feel cosy and want to take a nap.


Plants are a wonderful way of transforming your home – whether you crave to create a tropical paradise or seek the serenity and calm of the forest. There are various ways to bring the outdoors into your rooms:

  • Plants – fill your home with them! Bring the outdoors, inside. Check where your plants will happiest before you settle them in. Those that require a lot of sun will be ideal for a window ledge or a conservatory. Plants that thrive in humidity can be perfect for a bathroom.
  • Décor –  if maybe you love plants but don’t have the best track record for keeping them alive, there are other ways of filling your home with nature. Wallpaper with flowers or leaves are perfect and can create a stunning focal point within any room. Or even paint your space with various shades of green.


There is plenty of information out there to give you guidance on how to decorate your home: what colours are in season; the shape of the furniture; ways to hang your art and photos etc., But no matter how ‘on trend’ the advice may be, it may not reflect you or your personality.

  • Photos – Show off the people you love the most; the holidays that you have taken; fill the walls with memories.
  • Memorabilia – Keep and display little details that have contributed to your story so far: a boarding pass (or passes) to places you have travelled; a ticket from a gig or cinema – any event that made an impact to your life.
  • Hobbies – Maybe you love painting or taking photographs, or are a dab hand potter – use your home like a small exhibition of your favourite work
  • Posters – These are no longer reserved for teenagers to fill up the space on their bedroom walls – us adults can still get in on the poster action and hang them anywhere in our home. Buy posters based your favourite films or TV shows; bands that you like, from their tours – maybe from a gig that you attended. Frame them or suspend them from clips – whatever takes your fancy.

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